Reserve form


Reservation Form(Japanese ver.)

・I’m accepting until 1 monthbefore-3 days before of use day.

・The person who rents and is hurrying on the day call, please.

・I’ll sometimes decline the day buried by reservation already.

・Return will have ¥1080 (including tax) separately on the next day.

※I sometimes receive for several days about an answer. I’ll answer by the telephone by a case.

The item with is required item in the item name.



※Mail address

Destination Hotel

The name of the hotel 

The tel of the hotel 

※Reservation date and time

Reservation dates

Desired reservation time

※The required time of the extra clothes is about 30 minutes for 1 person.

※Please enter the one of a request in a note outside the business hours.

※The kimono name it's expected to rent

※The number of people



※When a person of a junior high school student sheep rise has, please tell the height and the size of the foot to a remarks column separately.

The height



※Please tell one in case of more than 2 people in a remarks column.

The size of the foot



※Please tell one in case of more than 2 people in a remarks column.

The nationality

The trigger from which I learned about us

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Note and option request

【Private policy】

As far as there is no consent of a customer about customer’s personal information, our site doesn’t make the elucidation and the offer a third person at all.

You’ll offer me personal information from a customer, and I sometimes use it for service to a customer.

I won’t use it for anything but the purpose.

And when the personal information you offered is treated, a management responsibility person is put and it’s being managed appropriately.

It’s being worn and a question and your reservation to a thing house are being received in the telephone.

Business hours:10:00~18:00

Regular holiday:Irregular